A clear focus on mental health: why?

The mental health framework in India is currently insufficient andunable to address the growing concerns around the issues. This is not just the responsibility of the Government, its the responsibility of all stake holders. Presently, India does not have a mental health awareness repository. Mental Health and physical health work together in order to bring about wellbeing. They are not mutually exclusive. With the Mental Health space neglected and stigmatized, we wish to work with corporates and government to create impactful change. Our strategy is to first carry out an aggressive awareness campaigns coupled with the necessary handholding, followed by delivering quality and relevant content to children, parents and teachers. The acute shortage in trained professionals to execute these programs will be handled by our technology platform. India is a young country, but it is an alarming fact, that we have the highest number of suicides, globally, in the age 15-29 bracket. Hence it is time to act, and to act NOW !

Current Scenario
Mental Health Scenario 3 psychiatrists for 10 lac 5 psychologists : 100 Lac 60% of Indians suffer mild to severe MI 20 Million Indians suffer from Mental Illness
Child Mental Health Age 15-29 : Highest rates of suicide in the world 15-20% suffer from a disabling mental illness
Workplace Mental Health 42.5 % of the workforce are depressed 111th country in the world for happiness
Support Govt spends 0.6% of GDP No insurance No proper hospitals or nursing homes
Nutrition and Exercise Morbid Obesity 5% of our Population 3rd most obese country in the world Children between ages 5-19 increase 22% are obese