School Initiatives

Offline Projects

The Poddar Foundation in it’s effort to spread awareness of Mental Health issues and outreach to the public in order to deliver on its promise of awareness, knowledge and impacting change has focused on various modes and venues to serve the community.

We are on a path to create real and sustainable empowerment towards the health of the Indian citizens leading to a productive India. Empowering people with the with right information can not only improve their health condition but it will also change the way we live.

This project is supported by ONCG.

Therefore, in our current programs we have the taken the following steps:

Community Initiatives:

We conduct sessions with community self help groups and Anganwadis teachers which are part of Integrated Child Development Scheme (Ministry of Women and Child welfare). Our areas of focus are ADHD, learning disability, Eating disorder, Anxiety and Depression.

This programme is implemented in communities with a goal to make people aware about importance of mental health.

This programme is run under permission from Integrated Child Development Scheme ( Ministry of Women and Child welfare). From February 2018 our project is been implemented in Panvel with 100 self help groups under permission from Panvel Municipal Corporation.

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