The Poddar Foundation’s programs educate and disseminate relevant information to the target audience enabling them to become aware and consequently take care of their own mental health and wellbeing. Delivery platforms for peer support is integrated along with innovations that transform the delivery of care. Telehealth offers the opportunity to provide health services at a distance using a range of technologies. For people with long-term conditions, this can include monitoring symptoms and vital signs from home, as well as the delivery of health education and information to help people manage their condition more effectively. Our system will also have symptom review, vital sign gathering and health coaching. We will provide online health education resources, as well as online portals where service users can keep track of their care plans - keep track of how they are feeling, access resources, tips on staying well and managing health and wellbeing.

Digital Technology: Electronic and Mobile Platform

Globally, digital technology, has revolutionized the way we conduct our daily lives. The Poddar Foundation is geared to use the penetration of technology to map the current status of mental health risk and dis-ease in order deliver awareness and preventative tools to curb the onset and perpetuation of MHI’s. The Foundation develops and imparts progressive and rehabilitative programs both online and offline. It uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to support and improve mental health. This includes the use of online resources, social media and smartphone applications. The Foundation’s technology led approach, addresses not only the resource challenges, but delivers a real-time platform for intervention and an ability to break through the stigma attached to mental health.

Technology Platform addresses
The costs of service delivery Real Time Platform and Access to Counsellors
Privacy Issues Personalized anonymous counseling online
Access to Online Training materials For Social Workers: Digital Repository
Alienation Group chats and support
Breaking the Stigma Continuous Positive Reinforcement
Provider Issues Access to Therapists online
Scalability Access and Scalability

Why E & M?

The economic and social costs of mental health problems are considerable. Improving the mental health of the nation and keeping pace with its rising demand is unlikely to be met through existing models of service delivery, therefore the Poddar Foundation is positioned to be able to integrate the offline and online application to deliver a holistic solution.
The Electronic & Mobile platform has scale and reach to create and spread awareness virally, the potential to support cultural transformation and a move towards a social model of health; empowering service users to interact on a live platform in order to manage their ailments, and for these users to exercise greater choice and control, to cope with their own conditions more effectively.
We use social media to act as an enabler for the creating of communities and support groups, for the people, by the people, to discuss and resolve such issues. We actively engage with this community and its various groups by providing high quality and impactful, curated information and readymade treatment programs that support, address and where necessary arrest the further slippage, into more severe mental health disharmonies.

Poddar Foundation was formed in 1983 with the mandate of being of service towards the health and wellness of India.

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